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Balancing Act: Carving Out Fitness in a Hectic Life

Are you a busy mom or dad? Do you have aging parents you help take care of? Are you a full time

student? These are the many excuses I hear as a health coach. Here’s how you can fit exercise into

your daily routine.

A lot of people feel like you have to carve out a specific time or find a block of time during your day to have a workout. As a professional health coach, sometimes I feel like that's a little bit of a misnomer because a lot of people use that as an excuse.

“I can't find time to work out” or “I have no time to dedicate to the gym!" The reality of it from a

coaching perspective is we all have 24 hours in a day and our time is valuable, but so is our health.

One critical key is to look at your day and brainstorm areas where you can increase the physical

activity in what you're already doing during that time.

I want you to set a timer for 2 minutes. Grab a notebook. In those 2 minutes, jot down every

opportunity you must put a little additional emphasis on physical activity during that time.

Here are some examples…

1) Do you go to the store? Park further away.

2) Are you at the park for your kid’s soccer game? Start walking laps with another mom. It not only

shows support for your child, but it also teaches them that even as we age, we must keep our

wellness as a priority. Children learn best by the behaviors we model.

3) Are you taking your kids to the pool for a couple hours? Don’t like to swim? Spend some time in

the water walking or utilizing the resistance of the water to perform isotonic and isometric


4) Working all day long? Stand up every hour and pump your calves, do bicep curls, walk around

the building, or take the steps. You get the idea!

5) At home in the evening watching TV or lectures on a video screen? During every commercial or

break, do a couple labs around the house, some squats, some planks, a few jumping jacks, or

anything to keep your blood pumping.

It is not always realistic, especially 5-6 days a week, when you are a busy student, working mom or dad, caregiver, or any of the like, to find an hour to go to the gym or attend a yoga class that you've wanted to join. Between carpools, sports activities, meetings, medical appointments, so on so forth, we have to make things work.

There are many little opportunities that add up to big results, when we focus on the CANs and not the CANNOTs. Baby steps are key! You can do this. One step at a time.

As a professional health coach, I love to share tips and tricks so you can live your healthiest life! Join us at for your FREE 15-MIN CONSULTATION to get started on your health journey today!

It's time to focus on you!

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