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Unlocking the Secrets to Sweet Dreams: A Journey to Sleep and Wellness

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Adequate sleep is such an integral part of your health journey. If you struggle with getting in your ZZZZ’s Faith Collaborative Health can help you!

  • Create an evening routine

Whether you enjoy reading, crossword puzzles, or a nice lavender bath, turn off all your

electronics about an hour or two before you lay down. Try activities that help you relax like meditation or even deep breathing. Try to do this around the same time each night if possible.

  • Keep things that do not belong in the bedroom out

Things like food, drinks, work or -hey- anything that may cause you stress!

  • Your bedroom temperature should be a bit cool

Cooler air between 60 and 67 degrees is optimal for most people

  • Black out all light sources

Try room darkening blinds, an eye mask and turning off all electronic light sources.

  • avoid food triggers

Caffeine will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Spicy foods or gas-producing foods may make you uncomfortable right before bed especially if you are prone to acid reflux. It is best to give your gut a couple hours of rest before you try to fall asleep.

  • Exercise

Daily exercise wears you out and helps you sleep better and be less sleepy during the day

Limit napping

You want to count your naps in your total sleep time so it may interfere with your ability to fall back to sleep at night. While some people can nap during the day without any nighttime interruption, it’s likely that that little cat nap may keep you up at night.

  • Keep a quiet environment

Sounds can startle or keep you from falling asleep at night. Try a sound machine if you are unable to mute sounds that may keep you awake. Turn off notifications on your phone.

We hope this helps you with your sleep quality. Maybe you can try a new tip or two tonight!

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