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The “Little Yellow Powerhouse”: Bananas, a superfood?

One food that you may not think about when you think superfoods is a banana. Here’s 8 reasons to grab those power-packed bananas for a terrific snack “on the go” instead of letting them turn brown and ending up in your trash can at the end of the week.

1) Believe it or not, bananas have several antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress on the body.

2) Starch from bananas feed your healthy gut bacteria. This is called a pre-biotic and helps aid bloat-fighting bacteria!

3) Bananas provide insoluble fiber which helps regulate bowel movements and prevent


4) Fiber also helps with weight loss.

5) Bananas are a good source of magnesium which help our muscles work properly and also boosts

lipolysis which is how our body releases fat.

6) Potassium is abundant in bananas which can help us recover after energy expenditure. It is also

necessary for our heart to keep the right pace.

7) The folate helps the “feel-good” chemicals enter your brain faster. Tryptophan helps with mood

regulation and norepinephrine helps regulate our panic response.

8) They are recognized to lower blood pressure and be protective of heart disease too.

Clearly, you can see bananas are an overall convenient power-packed snack. It's also a good way to balance if you're truly hungry or just looking for something to eat out of boredom or habit. Try this

banana trick. Ask yourself -- are you hungry enough to eat a whole banana? If the answer is yes, then

you're probably due for a snack and a healthy one at that.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that bananas are not for everyone. People that are on a low

potassium diet and certain medications, have chronic kidney disease or other conditions, may need to limit their intake of bananas too. For most people, the banana is an excellent source of nutrients!

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